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About Us

Corbelium is an innovative geotechnical consultancy that provides a wide variety of expertise and techniques ranging from the identification of ground related risks to the design of heavy foundations and the study of soil-structure interactions. Our highly skilled and talented Engineers and Drafters work intelligently and intensively to accomplish our client's needs.

With many years of experience working in the industry in the UK and EU we provide cost effective design, finite element modelling and drafting services to our clients both locally and globally. 

Our vision: "to make the needs of our clients the focus of our business, utilising specialist skills to develop innovative client-orientated solutions"


Ground investigation interpretation

We interpret desk studies and site investigation data to determine ground conditions and material parameters relevant to the design. We have experience working with complex geology and ground conditions, including geological faults, drift-filled hollows, sites with turbulent history - with docks in continuous development and WW2 unexploded ordnances.

Bearing pile design

Our engineers design auger bored and CFA piles in complex ground conditions. The design can cover compression and tension capacities. We have designed a large variety of deep foundations on demanding sites, such as docks and central London. Our designs are carried out in accordance with EC 7.

Retaining wall design

Corbelium engineers design several systems of retaining walls: sheet, secant and contiguous. Using Plaxis or Oasys Frew, we provide full analysis of the construction sequence for short and long term. We have designed retaining walls in dense urban environment, in close proximity to large buildings and in docks. Our design is carried out to the latest standard and codes.

Reclamation cofferdam design

We design a range of reclamation cofferdam systems, including sheet walls, double skin and combi wall. We check the sensitivity of the design on dewatering levels, assumed soil and structural parameters, structure-soil interface and tie location and stiffness. Our designs are carried out in accordance with EC 7.

2D and 3D FEM numerical modelling

We undertake FE analyses for a wide range of geotechnical structures with complex construction sequences, taking into consideration multiple load cases. We use Plaxis and Oasys package software intensively for the design of geotechnical structures, ground movement prediction, soil-structure interaction and damage assessments.

Ground movement prediction

Using FEM, we predict the movement of geotechnical structures, building settlement and their impact on nearby structures. For this, we use Plaxis and Oasys package software (Pdisp, Frew, GSRaft). Our design provides spring stiffnesses, movements nearby structures, strains, tunnel curvatures, settlement, ovalisation etc.

Damage assessment

Our engineers damage assessments for a wide variety of structures. We predict movements, strains and curvatures of structures and determine the potential damage using Burland’s method. We have assessed ground movement effects on assets belonging to London Underground and Thames Water; and listed structures protected by
English Heritage. 

Autocad drafting services

We can ensure that the projects
we undertake are all
completed perfectly. Also, we
can match the format, style
and layout of client's CAD
conversion project exactly.

Our engineers have gathered extensive experience in geotechnics

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